COVID – 19 and its impact

       How has this affected Miniature Schnauzers      

BVA / KC Eye Testing (HC) and Litter Screening (CHC)

When COVID – 19 became apparent and its impact was very clear, the country was put into ‘Lockdown’ for 4 months.

Immediately, only essential services were accessible from our Veterinary Surgeons. Unfortunately, this meant that all Eye Testing and Litter Screening  were put ‘on hold’.

Gradually as the situation improved and Vets and the BVA were given COVID -19 guidelines to follow, these services have recommenced and the backlog of tests are now being scheduled.

The current list of CHS Eye Panellists offering eye screening can be accessed via

For further details regarding swabs etc. please contact


Mrs Sue McGrann

Ewerby Waithe



Tel:       01526 860087



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