2019 Update


Founded by the Miniature Schnauzer Club, the Northern Schnauzer Club and the Schnauzer Club of Great Britain

2019 Report

What do we do?

  • Raise money for research into Miniature Schnauzer eye conditions. Total raised so far: over £86,000
  • Over £10,000 donated for specific research into eye conditions in the Miniature Schnauzer. Donations assisted:

a)         The Animal Health Trust’s (AHT) Hereditary 

Congenital Cataract (CHC) research

b)         Two Whole Genome Scans (WGS) – which provides 

the base for any (worldwide) research in the breed

  • Funding for WGS & CHC projects also assisted in a DNA test for Demyelinating polyneuropathy in the Miniature Schnauzer 
  • With help of breeder & owners, JMSEF organised DNA samples from a family cluster of G-PRA ‘affecteds’ to be sent to AHT for inclusion in their PRA research. Work is ongoing
  • A second research phase into Congenital Hereditary Cataracts is also ongoing and further information anticipated this year.

How YOU can help!

  • DNA samples from any Miniature Schnauzer diagnosed as affected for CHC, HC or PRA would be of immense help to the breed. Please contact Sue McGrann (see below).
  • DNA samples from Miniature Schnauzers over the age of 6 years with a current ‘clinically unaffected’eye certificate would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Sue McGrann
  • Help our Fund Raising Activities:Limited Edition Bedtime Print;China mug; China Trinket box. 

For details of how to order any of these items, contact Sue McGrann 01526 860087 or email isaura12@btinternet.com

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