About The JMSEF

JMSEF - Joint Miniature Schnauzer Eye FundWelcome to the Joint Miniature Schnauzer Eye Fund (JMSEF)

The Miniature Schnauzer Club, The Northern Schnauzer Club and The Schnauzer Club of Great Britain founded the JMSEF in 2002.

The JMSEF focuses our breed’s efforts in raising money to support research into the following inherited eye conditions in the breed:

• Congenital Hereditary Cataracts (CHC)
• Hereditary Cataracts (HC)
• Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

We are a “not for profit organisation”: all donations, and proceeds of any fund-raising, being donated to the Fund. We operate within a legal constitution and publish certified accounts annually each January.

There are six Fund members, two nominated by each of the founder Clubs and one of who is the Secretary and Treasurer, Sue McGrann.

Our role encompasses contact with The Animal Health Trust (AHT), The Kennel Club (KC) and British Veterinary Association’s Eye Panel, promoting and assisting collection of DNA samples from affected dogs.