ahtThe Animal Health Trust (AHT) are a veterinary charity offering a full range of services and the JMSEF work very closely with them, particularly, In their research programmes associated with the CHC and HC in the miniature schnauzer.

The AHT contacted the JMSEF in December 2015, indicating that they were in a position to conduct a second genome scan for CHC. The JMSEF have agreed to finance this second step in their research programme for CHC.

This will involve the 13 additional cases of CHC (since the first scan) and their first generation relative controls. It has also been suggested that additional controls and further research on the whole genome sequence would take place which will supplement the AHT’s current cases. The AHT hope to start this new research early 2016. This is excellent news for the breed.

The AHT are keen to stress that DNA continues to be required for CHC research. Samples from dogs affected by CHC and their unaffected littermates or parents are just as important to their research as the actual CHC cases.